Clinical innovation

    Our goal is never to replace human milk, but to model the best evidence we have for infants needing nutrition

    Mead Johnson believes that good nutrition early in life supports lifelong health; that’s why we’ve established the Mead Johnson Pediatric Institute—to advance and apply science that helps every child reach their full potential.

    Recent studies prove we can help infants with cow’s milk allergy (CMA) develop fewer future allergies*

    Babies living with CMA today have a greater risk of health complications tomorrow. Recent research shows that early detection and management that supports gut health can significantly change outcomes for these infants.

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    *Published study showing fewer incidences of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, urticaria, and eczema at 3 years in infants with CMA compared to Nutramigen without LGG.

    Learn about CMA and infant food allergies at an educational event near you

    Mead Johnson recently released the latest findings from an ongoing trial, monitoring children with cow’s milk or food allergies. Learn about this research and the expanded indication of Nutramigen® LGG®* at an educational event near you.

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    *LGG is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S.

    Mead Johnson Pediatric Nutrition Institute (MJPNI) and the Global Exploration of Human Milk Study

    MJPNI is a key collaborator on one of the largest global studies ever conducted to evaluate human milk over the first year of lactation. The study provides an understanding of mother’s milk nutrient concentrations globally, examining the influence of diet, genetics, and geography.

    This global understanding gives Mead Johnson the unique ability to craft innovations inspired by human milk at a dose that matters.

    Solution-driven research for babies in need of digestive support

    Babies can experience a range of digestion issues with perceived stooling problems accounting for approximately 25% of all pediatric gastroenterology visits. These needs sparked the research and development of several Mead Johnson products, including our Natural Defense® Dual Prebiotic Blend.

    Growth, development, and immune support inspired by breast milk

    Mead Johnson was the first to include DHA in formulas at the same amount found in breast milk. Since then, studies have included MFGM, Inositol, ARA—all key components of breast milk proven to support cognitive development, immune health, and other growth and development concerns.